ADT Corp (NYSE:ADT) usurps #375 spot from AA

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A current glance at the underlying-components of the S&P 500 as per the largest market-capitalization, ADT Corp (NYSE:ADT) has overthrown Alcoa from the #375 spot. Market capitalization is the main data-point for investors to keep an eye on, for numerous reasons. Market capitalization provides a true comparison of value that is attributed by the stock-market to the stock of a particular company.

The market capitalization factor

Many fresh investors look at 1 stock that is trading at say $10 and they will look at another that is trading at $20. The one mistake that many new investors make is that they feel that the 2nd company is worth twice that the 1st one. This comparison has no meaning if they are not aware of how many shares of each of those companies actually exist. However, when you compare market capitalization and factor in the share counts, investors are able to get an “on-par” comparison of the value of the 2 stocks. With ADT Corp (NYSE:ADT), the market capitalization is now $8.73 billion against AA at $8.66 billion.

Monday’s trading

In Monday’s trading, ADT Corp (NYSE:ADT) stock rose by 3.62%. The opening price of the shares was $40.55 which climbed to an intraday high of $41.66 and dipped to close at $41.48. Approximately 3.32 million shares were traded on Monday while the average volume of shares traded over 30 days stood at 2.09 million.

About the company

ADT Corp (NYSE:ADT) is a company that provides interactive business and home automation electronic security and monitoring services used in small businesses and residences in the U.S and Canada. Its services and products include ADT business solutions and Pulse interactive home as well as home-health services. It provides business-security intrusion detection. This protects businesses from robbery, burglary, and intruders. Its electronic access-control limits unauthorized-entry and employee-access to the business. It also limits complete-access.

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