Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NYSE:AMD)’s nifty new power-thrifty APU

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This week, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NYSE:AMD) introduced a high power-saver G-Series APU. It combines GPU and CPU capabilities in a SoC design, has a 6 watts maximum power-draw and an average power-draw of 3 watts. The 1-GHz GX-210JA which is the company’s new dual-core accelerated PU uses a third of the power than the 1-GHz GX-210HA. The latter was AMD’s earlier low-power leader in its G Series SoC family and had a 9 watts maximum power.

The low-power champion

Advanced Micro Devices’ Embedded Systems Unit’s vice president and general manager, Arun Iyengar said that advances in APU processor design, the Surround-Computing age as well as the Internet of Things has now created a great demand for low-power embedded devices that offer excellent graphics and compute performance. The company’s Embedded G-Series SoC products offer unsurpassed compute, I/O integration and graphics.

Subsequently, fewer board components are required and the overhead cost is reduced. They require very little power and are less complex as well. According to the company, the GX-210JA, with its low-average power draw has opened up the path for newer fanless designs that will drive embedded systems that operate automation, digital gaming, industrial controls as well as communications infrastructure.

When excellence is what matters

The new GX-210JA, with all its unique features, will no doubt carve-out a niche for itself in the market. System designers are always on the lookout for excellent CPU and GPU performance and this new SoC just meets the requirement to the hilt. It is definitely a class apart.

The company has always innovated and evolved but now the need to do so is direr. The computer market has been shrinking at an alarming pace and AMD has to do a fast-forward on the innovation front. The company has been in the news lately primarily because both, the Sony Xbox One and Microsoft’s PS4 use AMD processors. This says a lot about this specialized company and it seems to be strengthening its walls on all fronts.

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