Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NYSE:AMD)’s RubiCube “REVV” ing up Rubicon Project

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On Tuesday, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NYSE:AMD) announced that the SeaMicro SM1500 server that it manufactures is the base for REVV, by Rubicon Project. This platform is the fastest and the largest real-time trading independent platform in the world. It is used for buying and selling ads. Currently, REVV reaches 97% of all the internet users in the U.S. It also processes transactions amongst over 500 premium publishers in the world. Its massive marketplace also supports more than 140,000 advertisers.

Both these companies have worked very closely to create a tightly integrated and standardized micro pop in-a-box-solution. This will provide the Rubicon Project an operational edge in competition in all the key markets that it operates in.

High-capacity technology

Rubicon Project’s Real Time Cloud’s vice president, Jan Gelin said that the scale at which the company has to operate is difficult to believe. They have to invent technologies that need to have the capacity to handle literally billions of transactions. They needed a partner who would be willing to help the company break out of the chains of any traditional data center. It was but natural that Rubicon would opt for the unique innovations that the SeaMicro SM15000 offers.

Broad-spectrum benefits

The very reach and scale of REVV necessitates engineering excellence that spans the network, the software as well as the hardware. RubiCube slashed all provisioning timings from 6 months to 5 days and replaced 2 racks of equipment. Currently, the SeaMicro server product family supports AMD’s next-generation Opteron processor Xeon from Intel and the Atom N570 processors. In addition to this, it also supports Freedom Fabric Storage products. This permits the system to connect with over 5 petabytes of storage capacity, over two racks.

This unique approach offers the benefits of complex and expensive solutions such as storage area networking and network attached storage. AMD has always been a frontrunner in providing high-capacity products that are not just innovative but low-cost as well.

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