Alan Mullaly Of Ford motor Company (NYSE:F) Talks About Privacy

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Ford motor Company (NYSE:F)’s Chief Executive Officer, Alan mulally expressed his concern for drivers’ privacy as he notices the increasing popularity of Internet connectivity and location based services in vehicles. He said that with such technology advancements, the privacy of drivers needs to be protected.

Farley’s comments inaccurate

At the Detroit auto show Mulally said that Ford would extend all support and would participate willingly in deals with regulators who are taking such legislation into consideration. He also answered questions regarding the company having knowledge of the matter every time someone driving the company’s auto, violates traffic rules. Ford’s global marketing chief, Jim Farley, was seen commenting on the issue last week in the auto show. He pointed out in the International Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas that Ford can use GPS technology to inform itself when drivers disobey traffic laws. However, Mulally clearly denied it.

Last year, the former government contractor Edward Snowden had released documents that triggered several concerns and factors engaging technology and networking companies. Ford motor Company (NYSE:F)’s executive vice president of global marketing, Jim Farley also made some comments which raised questions related to privacy. In this context, Ford’s CEO questioned on the limits of information that should be available on the Internet as everything, including homes, cars and other private areas, is pacing towards connectivity.

Technology: Boon and Bane

According to statistics, data compiled by the firm Accenture, around 39% of the people who invest in vehicles, seek technology as the major attribute these days. Only a handful of people, about 14% choose a vehicle by measuring traditional performance attributes like speed and power. Accenture had released the study in December last year. According to a report released by a separate Government Accountability Office, although automakers and navigation device companies are taking precautions and care towards privacy concerning consumers, the latter are still unaware of many risks involved.

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