Alpha Natural Resources, Inc (NYSE:ANR) launches resources for miner training courses

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A leading U.S. coal supplier, Alpha Natural Resources, Inc (NYSE:ANR) announced the launch of the “RunningRightLeadershipAcademy”. This state-of-the-art training and education and facility for mining operations and safety, is situated in Julian, West Virginia. The company has invested around $23m into the facility as well as development of its curriculum. The extensive courses integrate a broad variety of subject areas including safety, technical and leadership skills. It will prove to be a rich resource for surface miners as well as those who work underground and office-support personnel.

This Academy is spread over a 136,000 sqft campus and includes classroom space that can accommodate up to up to 300 participants. It also has a 96,000 sq ft lab that can simulate various mine conditions and situations. Apart from this, there are welding, electrical and maintenance skills-training labs. It has the absolute latest in mine safety technologies, including multi-gas handheld detectors and air-flow sensors, amongst other facilities and training tools. All Alpha employees will eventually be going through the Academy. It will supplement the mine-safety programs that the company already has.

Training Is the Key

Mining operations tend to have very distinct dangers. This necessitates that all the workers receive elaborate safety training and be run through awareness sessions and programs. There are both, optional and mandatory training programs available to mining professionals. This has gone a long way in taking the industry’s safety standards to the next level.

Most countries that have mining operations make it mandatory that every mine have some or the other approved worker-training program that covers safety and health issues. Each plan has to include a certain number of hours of basic-safety training for all new miners who have no experience. Apart from new miner training, every miner has to receive standard refresher safety training on an annual basis. Miners who have been assigned new jobs have to receive safety training that is specific to their new line of work.

Prevention via simulation

Today, mines are increasingly using very high-tech tools in their miner training programs. Virtual reality simulators and machinery simulators have almost become a norm. This helps mine workers be more prepared and companies like Alpha Natural Resources, Inc (NYSE:ANR) with its new academy can keep track of progress on all levels.

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