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A lot of U.S technology companies such as Apple have come under the critiques radar for outsourcing the gadget-manufacturing to China instead of employing people within the company to handle this work. However, some companies choose to do things differently., Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) has been creating literally thousands of jobs in the U.S.

Opportune announcement

On Monday, the company announced that it is planning on hiring over 5,000 full-time workers for order-fulfillment centers and its warehouse. Most of these jobs will be at the company’s outposts, at warehouses across ten states stretching from California to Delaware. In a news release the company said that the medial pay at AMZN’s fulfillment-centers is 30% higher than what workers at traditional retail stores get.

This announcement has been made one day prior to President Obama’s scheduled visit to the company’s Tennessee facility. It was reported that the company is also planning on filling 2,000 additional jobs that could be part-time, seasonal or customer-service ones.

The perfect blue and white blend

Considering that AMZN is a tech company, it has an interesting mix of white collar as well as blue-collar jobs to offer. It employs numerous MBA’s, computer scientists and other usual types who are found at tech companies. However, it also relies on thousands of workers to handle physical jobs like packing, picking and delivering its orders. These are the jobs that cannot be outsourced to China in any case. Of course, Kindle, its electronic device is assembled in China.

The very fact that the company is hiring in such large numbers has caught the attention of politicians who have been rooting for job growth. Amazon said that since 2008 September, it has added over 40,000 jobs in the U.S. These include white-collar and warehouse jobs. The company sure seems to be on a job hiring spree.

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