Apple preparing “iPhone Math” for a June Launch?

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Just like always, Apple’s iPhone has become a hot topic of discussion for this time too. Every day a new iPhone rumor breaks in the market for increasing the curiosity of Apple lovers. Today also a rumor broke about Apple’s forth coming iPhone/iPhones, but this time the rumor seems to be very strange to everyone. According to a Chinese Newspaper known as China Times, Apple is reportedly preparing a new iPhone that will be known as iPhone Math and will sport a larger 4.8-inch touch screen. And that’s not all; the website also says that company is planning multiple iPhone launches in 2013.

The name iPhone Math seems tad strange to everyone, since it has no match with Apple’s current naming policy. However, it may also come out to be true because Apple has already broken it’s naming tradition once with iPad excluding all numbers from the device’s name and naming it as “The New iPad”. This does not seem to be a translation mistake because the word iPhone Math has been published in English on the website.

According to the published news, Apple will reveal the so called iPhone Math in June along with an update to iPhone 5, which will be known as iPhone 5S and will sport an 8 megapixel shooter. A June release timing mentioned by the news site also seems to be irrelevant because Apple has never revealed its iPhone product in June. Since last two times, iPhones have been released in the third quarter.

The news site also says that Apple along with an iPhone 5S and an iPhone Math, company may also launch one other smartphone on the time of Christmas that may sport a 12 megapixel shooter. Launching of several iPhones in an year doesn’t seem to be making sense but the news site says that for keeping itself in the competition, company may increase the size of it’s product line.

On the other hand, rumors of a cheaper iPhone are already moving around from a long time. WSJ and Bloomberg have already reported from their sources that a cheaper iPhone is in production, that will have a plastic case and will be smaller than the current iPhone 5. A cheaper iPhone also makes sense because for winning the battle of cheaper smartphones started by Samsung and Google, Apple will have to do something similar.

China Times has always had a “hit-or-flop” graph for it’s rumors.

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