Applied Materials, Inc (NASDAQ:AMAT) applying innovation to web backend technology with Prizm

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Applied Materials, Inc (NASDAQ:AMAT) has just launched TechEdge Prizm, a new web-backend tool. With the use of this tool, foundries will be able to access data better on day-to-day production activities more effectively that they currently can. In semiconductor manufacturing the science of measuring things or metrology is a vital step. Most analysis is managed with the use of CDSEM equipment. Shrinkage in process nodes as well as increased manufacturing difficulty results in an increase in the amount of data that is being collected per wafer. Foundries today, end up collecting more data per wafer than they ever did. They have to be able to analyze all that information quickly and also compare it with readouts from various pieces of equipment.

Why the sudden rush?

The amount of data per fab has shot up from 50TB per fab annually at 45nm to 80TB at 28nm. It goes without saying that better tools are the need of the day. These are required to visualize and examine system-output closer to real-time. Previously, individual tools were used to gather data and for local storage and was very troublesome to parse. No unified system existed for information collection or result comparison of tools. However, AMAT’s Prizm hopes to change all of that. Instead of parsing data-sets on a tool-by-tool basis, via this new system, data collection can take place from multiple tools and it can be presented via a unified interface. The results are easily searchable and analysis is faster.

The benefits…

With the use of Prizm, engineers will be able to view different metrics on the individual sections of any wafer map instead of just as a total data chart. Prizm has the capacity to show how there has been a change in specific metrics over time. It can also compare specific metrics taken from a set of wafers against another set. According to Applied Materials, Inc (NASDAQ:AMAT), in some cases, using Prizm can improve the efficiency of workflow by 10x in and will spare engineers hours of laborious work where they have to gather data manually.

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