AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) loses jazz with Al Jazeera lawsuit

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The Al Jazeera has slapped a lawsuit against AT&T Inc (NYSE:T). The allegation is that the telecom giant refuse to carry the signal for its 24/7 cable-news network in the United States. The Qatar-based broadcaster had launched the network on Monday and had approached the United States’ largest phone company, T to carry the pay-tv channel.

The dispute

As per the filing in the Chancery Court in Delaware, by refusing to broadcast its channel, AT&T is violating the agreement with the U.S unit of Al Jazeera. The Qatari royal family controls the network and in January, had paid $500M to rebrand Al Gore’s money-losing, Current TV. On 19 August, AT&T’s pay-TV service, U-verse kamagra tablets said that it will not carry Al natural viagra Jazeera America due to the dispute in the contract. U-verse was launched in 2006 and today, it has 5M video-customers in numerous states like California and Texas.

In a filing, Al Jazeera said that the decision that has been taken by AT&T officials is technically a wrongful-termination of the affiliation agreement. This filing was sent out with a sealed complaint. Under the rules of the court, a public-version of this complaint has to be filed within 5 days unless the Judge has granted an extension to the case sealing.

The agreement

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In an emailed statement, an AT&T spokesperson said that since the company has not been able to come to terms as far as a new agreement is concerned and also because of some breaches of the agreement that already exists, they have decided that they will not be carrying Current TV on the cialis price U-Verse channel. On the other hand, viagra online the Al Jazeera officials are of the opinion that the company has really left them with no other choice but to file this breach of contract lawsuit over their decision to drop their channel.

The one thing that the American audience is probably not willing to forget is that Al Jazeera is the forum that Osama Bin laden had used for his video messages post the 11 Sept 2011 terrorist attacks.

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