AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) paying attention to connectivity

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AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) is launching latest AT&T Foundry facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Atlanta areas to hasten development of applications and latest technologies  that will help enrich the life of users irrespective of whether they are at work, home or on the road. The AT&T Foundry was launched three years ago and since then it has been identifying new ideas, combining the right skills with technology ecosystem and moving them speedily into the market.

The Atlanta AT&T Foundry is developing next generation lifestyle applications as well as services. It will be testing various services for the company’s recently-launched automation and home security service, Digital Life. In addition to this, the team will be creating new services apps that are related to the mobility, emerging devices, “connected car” and AT&T U-verse.

What’s the big deal about connected car?

Consumers’ technology expectations are growing by leaps and bounds and automakers having been gearing up and accelerating to keep up with them. All this has to be done while maintaining the quality of the vehicle and keeping the brand experience intact. When people settle into their car, they have an existing digital “ecosystem” on their mobile devices. These are composed of various social connections via Twitter and Four Square. These allow people to “check-in” via their handsets whenever they visit various places. Drivers now want connected vehicles that will complement their ecosystems, instead of having to start new ones when they get into the vehicle.

Changing concepts, changing technology

OEM-issued internet updates are top of the list as well and these are standard set on mobile devices and computers. Another concept is that of transferring settings from one vehicle to another. These could include any preferred radio stations or even automatic transmission shift-points such as economy driving configurations. Consumers take cues from their tablets, computers phones as well as gaming systems and transfer their profile settings to other devices or those in cars. The manner in which people communicate, navigate and move around has changed a lot and at the end of the day when companies like AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) innovate and develop applications, services and products to match that requirement it’s about convenience and connectivity.

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