AT&T Inc (NYSE:T)’s “Street Charge” charges-in to power phones in the Big Apple

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AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) is charging the market, and how! The company has launched “Street Charge” Solar Mobile Charging Stations. Come summer and these stations will dot outdoor venues across the Big Apple. You walk through the city, you stop, charge your phone and walk- simple and easy. This is AT&T’s way of showing that it wishes New Yorkers to stay connected no matter where they are. This is a pilot initiative from the company and free solar mobile charging stations will be installed in locations spanning all five boroughs where New Yorkers can charge their tablets, phones or any other mobile devices.

The simple Street Charge concept

“Street Charge” is AT&T’s carry-forward on its answer to the crisis situation that city folk faced when Superstorm Sandy hit the city. At that time, AT&T had powered the New York’s distribution centers with pop-up cellular service and commercial generators. Those who had literally been in the dark for days flooded the centers seeking to charge their mobile devices and also to  communicate with those on the  outside. AT&T will now team-up with Pensa, the design firm that is based in Brooklyn and Goal Zero, the solar technology company to develop this latest  initiative and bring it to the city that never sleeps.

By the end of summer, approximately 25, AT&T “Street Charge” solar mobile charging units will be deployed by the company across five boroughs, in addition to the 2 solar mobile charging units that have now gone now live at the FortGreenePark.

Hardworking mobile devices

Today’s tablets and smartphones work hard and play harder and so do the people who use them. This tends to drain their battery power at a very fast pace and the battery will conk-off at the most opportune moment, just when you are expecting that critical call to seal a business deal. AT&T’s solar mobile charging units work as well after dark as they work during the day. The solar panels gather the sun’s energy which charges its powerful internal batteries and stores it for use. This means that users can charge their phones when they are strolling through the city at night. With this launch, AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) gives connectivity a whole new meaning.

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