Being a Secretary Still a Top Job for Women

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If you are going to ask people about the most common job for women of America, the answer is going to be straight and simple: secretary – the same top job for American women in the 1950s.

According to the US census, between the years 2006 and 20120, around 4 million US workers are working as Secretaries an Administrative Assistants. In this number, 96 percent are women.

How did it all Started?

Due to this recent survey and analysis on the popularity of secretarial jobs for women, going back to history could be an ideal thing to do, in order to find out how being a secretary has turned into women’s work.

It all began in the Industrial Revolution when loads of paperwork need to be sorted out, and women had proven themselves organized enough to be useful for such task. Then, in the early parts of the 20th century, being a secretary became a female job because businesses and big companies have realized that women can be paid for lower wages than men.

The good thing about being a professional secretary is that there is no need to finish a four year full course. Secretarial courses are being offered by special secretarial schools to help women get the right skills for a shorter study time.

Evolution of the Job Title

This specific female job has actually revolved and changed through time. The job title has changed too from being a typist, a secretary and stenographer. Despite the title’s constant changes, being a secretary is still the number one job for woman.

Reasons for So Little Change

Some people are simply generalist and they categorize people on a general basis. For example, survey said that being a truck driver is the top list of job for Philippines.

Of course as time flies, specialization set in. This is the time when people started going for what they want and they get educated or experienced. Because of such changes, job titles have changed and became specific within their industry.

As workers become more specialized, either with years of experience or education, their job titles tend to become more specific to their industry.

Secretary is not Bad Word

The word secretary may have some bad connotation for other people. The truth is, being a secretary is a very difficult job, it just so happened that during the 70s women started to feel that they need to be treated equally. Hence, secretaries were started to be called as administrative assistants.

Administrative Jobs For 2020

Analysts have mentioned that administrative assistance is going to remain as the 2010 top job for women. And this niche will continue to grow about 1/2 percent from 2010 to 2020.

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