Brain Cancer Drug Key For Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:NWBO)

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Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc (NASDAQ:NWBO) the small capped bio tech firm which is working towards developing its drug targets into commercially viable cures to treat dreaded brain cancer. One of its most prominent and potentially blockbuster drug candidate is DCVax-L. This drug along with its cousin code named DCVax-Direct has gone through testing to validate effectiveness of the drugs against various forms of cancer.

Cancer Cure Specialization

 The specific cancers that the drug firm hopes to treat with its target drug combination are of colon, breast, melanoma and pancreatic cancer. The significance of this development is the new approach being pioneered by the firm for the drug development. In this new approach, the drug induces the white blood cells and the other existing immunological agents in the patient’s body to go after and destroy the cancer cells.

New Treatment Methodology

Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc (NASDAQ:NWBO) has been instrumental in identifying the warrior cells in the patient’s body called dendritic ccells, which are the key to human body manufacturing resistance providing cells to the human body.

Analysts Divided

Most analysts including those from Oppenheimer & Co have been of the opinion that the phase 3 trials which are currently being pursued by Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc (NASDAQ:NWBO) on the target drug DCVax-L are a make or break situation for the firm. Analyst Boris Peaker of Oppenheimer has been quoted to have said that, “If the drug holds up in Phase III, it will be a very big win for the company because there aren’t many good options now for patients, and DCVax is certainly better tolerated than any chemotherapy. And if it works in brain cancer, it should work in other solid tumors.”

During trading on 28th February the drug firm suffered a huge 4.32 percent decrease in market valuation as investors left the stock by taking a short position and booking profits

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