Can Vringo, Inc.(NASDAQ:VRNG), Gevo, Inc.(NASDAQ:GEVO), and TiVo Inc.(NASDAQ:TIVO) Boost Their Long-Term Outlooks?

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New York, NY – GDP INSIDER  –  10/06/2014.

This article discusses three stocks, two of which recently received negative patent rulings: Vringo, Gevo, and TiVo.

One might refer to Vringo, Inc.(NASDAQ:VRNG) as a “patent troll”. The New York-based company develops, acquires, protects, and monetizes intellectual property, including 500 patents in telecom infrastructure, Internet search, and mobile technologies. However, the company’s recent patent claims against companies such like Google, Target, Gannett, and American Online have been tossed out of the court room for being invalid. The company had hoped to receive compensation for a “filtering technology” that it claimed was being used by both Google AdWords and AdSense.

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Another company that recently received an upsetting ruling is Gevo, Inc.(NASDAQ:GEVO), which announced Sept. 24th that it will be appealing the USPTO’s inter partes revew decision for its ‘505 and ‘588 patent claims. The claims covered methods of isobutanol separation and recovery in retrofit ethanol plants. In an attempt to change the conversation surrounding the company, the Colorado-based company announced that it will be selling renewable isobutanol to Gulf Racing Fuels on Sept. 30th, 2014.

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TiVo Inc.(NASDAQ:TIVO) is a California-based company that sells set-top boxes which enable both the distribution and management of video content. The company recently announced that its Android application will now provide the same streaming functionality of its iOS applications so long as users have access to a WiFi signal. TiVo’s updated application will also provide access to Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video. The company also recently announced the issuance of $230 million 2% senior convertible notes.

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