Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT) to reveal latest solution at a exhibition

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Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT) manufactures equipments used at construction and mining sites, industrial gas turbines, diesel-electric locomotives and diesel and natural gas engines,. The company operates in two segments namely “Machinery and Power Systems” and “Financial Products”. Machinery and Power Systems, is a segment that deals in Construction Industries, Resource Industries, Power Systems and all other related corporate items. Financial Products includes the Company’s Financial Products Segment.

The International Oil and Gas Exhibition which is to be held at Moscow, Caterpillar will reveal its latest and comprehensive power solutions. At the show, the company will demonstrate all its products featuring line of small gas generator sets, this will also include the recently announced Cat G3306BTA oilfield generator set. G3306BTA is a customized factory solution which is fuel effective, i.e., consumes less fuel without sacrificing the performance power. This set is designed for land production applications and is ideal for the growth in production market in Russia.

Caterpillar will also highlight its Dynamic Gas Blending (DGB) system solution which provides a dual-fuel system for drilling and production applications. The Blending kit automatically adapts itself to the changes in incoming fuel quality and pressure, which allows the engines to run effectively and efficiently on a wide variety of fuels, from associated gas to vaporized LNG without compromising with the integrity in regards to performance.

Caterpillar has scored a high reputation in the Russian oil and gas markets for being one of the trusted power solutions providers. It is also considered as one of the most recognized and respected brand which is committed to deliver reliable products and services for oil and gas applications. The company has recently celebrated its hundredth anniversary of presence in the country. These innovative technologies of the company so integrated in their products will help them to gain the market and post a higher profitability and sales.

The company’s stock started its trading session with the price of $82.06 and closed at $81.52 with a decline of 1.92%.

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