Cirrus Logic, Inc (NASDAQ:CRUS) logically launches 4-Channel Microphone A/D Converter

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It was very logical for Cirrus Logic, Inc (NASDAQ:CRUS) to begin spotlighting enhanced voice-processing features in tablets, smartphones and various other consumer electronics applications. The company has launched CS53L30, an ultra-low power analog-to-digital converter. It has a super low power consumption of under 2.5mW/channel and its 4-channel, high-performance microphone converters enhance numerous voice-processing features like acoustic echo cancellation, noise suppression and multi-channel beam formation.

Multiple benefits

They also offer better performance in voice-capture processing for voice recognition and control. At the moment, the company is shipping these processors to a prominent smartphone and tablet manufacturer. The marketing director for CRUS’s Mixed Signal Audio Division, Carl Alberty said that the processing of current day processing algorithm rely very heavily on the integrity of captured audio-source. The CS53L30 has very high levels of analog performance. It will eventually launch an entirely new generation of mobile consumer-products that will differentiate voice experience and will offer highly improved voice-control that has a user interface.

In a traditional microphone-array application, numerous microphones are embedded within a particular device. These aim at honing the source of the audio and elimination or attenuating the surrounding noise. In case of the CS53L30, every one of the 4 microphone-channels has a dedicated microphone bias. This is primarily to ensure an enhanced channel-to-channel separation, which will in turn improve performance of the beam-forming algorithms.

Enhanced functionality

Digital signal-processing features like noise gates, high-pass filters and volume controls all provide additional pre-conditioning. This is necessary for improving voice-processing performance. Its flexible input front-end accommodates a mix of analog and digital microphone inputs in pseudo-differential, fully differential as well as single-ended configurations.

One CS53L30 has the capacity to output all its 4 channels of audio-data up to a 48 kHz sample rate across 2 I2S ports, or one TDM port in slave or master mode. For those applications that need additional microphone inputs, up to 4 CS53L30 A/D converters can be utilized together for 16-channels data output over one TDM-line that will allow seamless system-integration.

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