Concerns on March 1 deal over spending Cuts

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Citizens and lawmakers are doubtful about the deal made with Republican lawmakers ending on March 1 heading towards the beginning of $85 billion cut offs in spending. The comments made by the President in a radio interview conducted by Al Sharpton, revealed that White House focused in ending March 1 deadline without any deal with the Republicans.

It would lead to the thousands of job cuts in the months to come if this chain reaction of atomic spending reductions is left out without posing any stop on it. The House of Representatives controlled by Republicans and they are opposing the President Obama proposal to increase the money by reducing tax eliminations. President Obama is more concerned about the revenue generation if any such deal made to cut the spending and he is against to make potential cuts on the social development programs raised by the government.

At this level, when we talk from the Republicans point of view these are not good practices for the growth in national economy and to increase the living standards of ordinary American. But I am not sure if they will really insist to keep pressurizing over this matter in the upcoming period of seven to eight days, Obama told to Sharpton. Obama spoke to the Speaker John Boehner who is the top Republican in Washington City and the Republican in the Senate of Mitch McConnell. Obama said that he’s still on the way to convince Republicans to do what they have to do, but he’s not sure if they can convince them or not. If we are unable to reach consensus by the end of March 1, and it results the one selected then we will focus to turn it a March 27 deadline when the bill raised to stop the issue of funds expires then the government will intend to adopt some new measures after negotiations with the Republicans.

The president will consider other legislative measures if the dispute remains in standstill condition for longer time, like the control of gun and overhaul of immigration policy, will also be delayed. Obama claimed that he is up to completing a lot of things at the same time, as fast as he can. The president also spoke about how he’s currently during his second presidential mandate and how he knows that the citizens will start judging and considering the elections, prior to considering the next president-choice.

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