Confirmation fight over Obama’s selecting Hagel

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It seems that President Obama is going to spend his second term trying to resolve problems between both political parties and trying to explain every decision he makes. The republican party has announced that they are going to content the nomination of Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense due to unresolved issues over Israel. It is expected that the President is going to make this decision official tonight but the Republican Party believe that this will send the wrong message to Israel and other important allies. Senator Lindsey Graham has called this nomination as a “in-your-face move by president Obama.”

Surprisingly, various gay rights activists have also criticized this decision due to comments that Hagel has made in the past. Log Cabin representatives have released a full statement yesterday with the reasons of why Hagel shouldn’t be nominated at all.

Political experts believe that the main reason behind this attack from the republic party is the opinions Hagel has against the foreign policy of Israel. He has also made several suggestions in the Past that Israel is the main reason why the negotiations with Hamas didn’t work and that the United States should begin negotiating with Iran about the nuclear program instead of imposing sanctions.

So far, no democrats have opposed or agreed with the decision to nominate Hagel. Senator Cardin announced yesterday that Hagel is a great choice even if some of his opinions have to be questions. The story of Hagel is a contrast to what happened with Susan Rice where republicans previously opposed her nominations and she decided to withdraw and become the ambassador of the United Nations.

“I know this man very well,” President Obama said. “Not only is one of America’s most important patriots, but he is also someone who has worked very hard to protect our country, He has also served in the Vietnam war and we should honour him instead of bash him.’’ The President has maintained a very close relationship with Hagel over the past few years especially when he worked in the senate.

President Obama has definitely been dealing with a lot ever since he was elected for president in his second term. Some of the issues he has been dealing with are Hurricane Sandy and the fiscal cliff problem, which worried American average citizens. However, it is obvious now that President Obama is planning to stick to his decision of nominating Hagel no matter what the republic party feels about him. 

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