Consumers disappointed with Microsoft Pro supply

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Many companies follow the strategy of informing customers that the product they want is almost out of supply so they can rush and buy it. This is one of the oldest retail tricks that many companies implement. However, consumers are currently having the opposite reaction when Microsoft announced that their Pros tablets are out of supply especially that the tablets really did sell out in shops such as best buy and staples after it was released with a couple of hours.
This definitely disappointed customers and experts who were surprised that Microsoft didn’t care enough to manufacture additional tablets after all their previous hype over it. Websites such as Pro blog are currently flooded with thousands of comments from disgruntled customers who were unable to buy the tablet after waiting for so long. Many technological experts believe that this is one of Microsoft’s worse decisions and this will result in customers shifting their attention to competing companies such as Apple or Google.
The worst thing that can happen to Microsoft is losing their customers to competitor brans especially after they worked so hard to regain their position in the technological world again. The problem here is that Microsoft made things worse by having no transparency about the amount of tablets sold. So far, Microsoft has remained very secretive about how many tablets were sold. There weren’t any news if other versions are going to be introduced in the future.  However, experts are predicting that around one million units were sold during the precious weeks.
It is believed that Microsoft was uncomfortable with the high price of the tablet and its untested positioning and this is why they didn’t want to produce it in large quantities. Despite all the reviews that are mixed by experts, the new tablet is definitely better than all its predecessors. There is more space and the features are also very easy to use. Even though it still remains unknown when the company is going to be restocking the new tablet, the company should sell additional units before customer disapproval reaches its limit and Microsoft really loses anything this time.
For now, the only people who were able to purchase the Microsoft tablet are those who pre-ordered it before it was officially released. Other customers are going to have to wait until the company decided to sell additional stock in the future to those who have been waiting.

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