Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) scratching surface of touch-enabled device market

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Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) has announced that touch-enabled Notebooks will now sport its Gorilla® Glass NBT™. This glass will help prevent scratch-damage to touchscreen displays. Everyday use and handling tend to scratch the surface of these devices and the market was ripe for Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

The power of Gorilla glass

Gorilla® Glass NBT™ is GLW’s high-grade glass solution for touch enabled notebooks. Today a majority of mobile devices sport touch technology. Potentially, this also means that that the glass that sheaths mobile device surfaces is more prone to damage and scratches. Overuse can cause a break in the glass. The new Gorilla Glass provides exceptional scratch-resistance, better retained strength and reduced scratch visibility. The lower-grade soda line glass that is traditionally used in many screens is prone to breakage with extensive use and Gorilla Glass just walked in to save the day.

Today, the demand is for sleeker, thinner and light-weight PC’s that have the touch technology feature. Market research groups have identified that over the next few years, touch enabled notebooks can easily usurp the smartphone market. GLW’s Gorilla Glass NBT is a cost-effective option that provides customers with the damage and scratch-resistant surface that they need. The world has always expected the best from Corning and it rarely every falters or fails.

The outperformer

The Corning Specialty Materials’ Vice-president and general manager, James Steiner said that the company is confident that this glass will outperform the traditional soda lime glass. The former delivers 8-10 times more scratch-resistance. As a matter of fact, for just 1-2% of the retail price of a notebook, consumers have access to the very best glass solution.

Corning has been a leader in the field of specialized, toughened glass for decades and its position can be rivaled by none. It has always been a very technologically-driven company that believes in innovation. It is but natural that when smartphone, tablet and notebook manufacturers decide to upgrade designs and functionality, the surface glass of these products is one major area.

The PC Product Group’s vice president at Dell, Sam Burd said that as a dominant in touch-enabled computing, the company is always on the lookout for top-of-the line, enhanced materials that will make their products scratch and impact resistant. He said that Dell will be incorporating Gorilla Glass NBT in their new products that will be launched this fall.

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