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This week, as part of the Computes Taipei exhibition, Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) will be showcasing Corning Gorilla Glass 3, with Native Damage Resistance. This glass had been launched at in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show and has continued making waves with Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW)’s customers across the planet. Gorilla Glass 3 with NDR is the latest variant of the damage-resistant, cover glass that is most widely-deployed in consumer electronic devices. It is based on an entirely unique glass composition. Its durability enhancements have been developed at its atomic-structural level.

Screens and viewing surfaces on tablets, computers, smartphones and tablets, MP3 players and numerous other electronic devices are getting wider and a glass that would be able to withstand constant use was the need of the hour. Gorilla Glass, with its impact and scratch-resistant qualities was developed with applications such as these, in mind. The manner in which Corning has created this glass means that it can be incredibly thin and will interfere very minimally with capacitance touch-screens. In addition to this, it also meant that there would be no significant weight-addition to a device.

Incredibly high temperatures, robots, a special trough and a molten-salt bath are the rigors that it is put through.  The final product is this thin glass that has the ability to withstand the kind of punishment that overused mobile devices tend to be subjected to.

What makes it so special?

Rumors have been doing the rounds that many new smartphones including Apple’s iPhone, will be transitioning from Gorilla Glass to sapphire as their cover material. In a bid to put all possible doubts to rest, Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) ran its glass through tests. It was proved that after the same amount of simulated use, sapphire cracks more easily than Corning’s Gorilla Glass. Apart from this, Gorilla Glass comes out tops on the cost and environment-friendly front as well. And for the skeptics, who raised an eyebrow at Corning’s innovation, it is durable, thin, highly-transparent and its manufacture is very cost-effective as well. The fact that it is possible to mould Gorilla Glass into innumerable structural shapes is a bonus for designers who are always on the lookout for materials to use in their innovative products.

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