CSX Corporation (NYSE:CSX) dealing with the crux of the GHG issue

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On 19 June, CSX Corporation (NYSE:CSX) released its Corporate Social Responsibility report for 2012. This report details CSX’s environmental, social, financial and governance performance and highlights the company’s corporate citizenship and sustainability efforts in action. The chairman and CEO, Michael J Ward said that the commitment is about pursuing excellence and operating a transparent and sustainable company and that is what the CSR report demonstrates. In addition to this, it is also evidence that the company’s community and employee engagement and environmental stewardship work in conjunction with its strong and steady operational and financial performance.

The efforts

The CSR report measures CSX Corporation (NYSE:CSX)’s environmental performance and also documents its commitment to effective management of its environmental footprint. In 2012, the key environmental achievements of the company include progressing toward CSX’s goal of reducing GHG emissions intensity between 6-8% from its 2011 levels, by 2020. In addition to this, the company has also continued investing in technologies that will help in improving fuel-efficiency and also reduce locomotive emissions. Nearly 30,000 employees were trained in environmental stewardship programs.

Transportation and GHG

The Transportation sector essentially includes the movement of goods and people by cars, trains, airplanes, trucks, ships and other vehicles. A large percentage of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from transportation are the CO2 emissions that are a result of the combustion of various petroleum-based products such as gasoline, in internal-combustion engines. Passenger cars, light-duty trucks like pickup trucks, utility vehicles and minivans are the largest sources of all transportation-related GHG emissions. Over 5-% of emissions from this sector are accounted for from these sources. The balance of GHG emissions come from various modes of transportation such as freight trucks, ships, commercial aircraft, boats, trains, pipelines and lubricants.

Environmental concerns such as global warming are directly linked to Green house Gas emissions and it is not just a necessity but also a mandate that companies take necessary steps to ensure that these are being curbed. This is all the more relevant when it comes to companies that operate in the transportation sector. CSX Corporation (NYSE:CSX)’s Corporate Social Responsibility report is its way of showing that environmental concerns are being addressed proactively and effectively.

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