Decorating Big Data path with Brocade Communications Systems, Inc (NASDAQ:BRCD)’s ethernet fabric

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On 25 June, Brocade Communications Systems, Inc (NASDAQ:BRCD) announced that it will exhibit and speak at the San Jose Hadoop Summit. The company will be discussing the role that Ethernet fabrics play in optimization of management and network performance with reference to Big Data deployments. BRCD has partnered with leading information and systems analytics companies and in the bargain, has gained vast experience. Today, it is one of the foremost providers of top-of the-line, fully integrated software networking and hardware solutions.

What exactly are ethernet fabrics?

In comparison to traditional hierarchical Ethernet architectures, latest Ethernet fabrics provide higher performance levels, simplicity, availability as well as utilization. The needs of Big Data centers demand the use of such architecture. These networks rely on ethernet and over the decades, it has evolved with the emergence of new application architectures.

Current day networks carry traffic for a varied set of applications including web services, client/server, virtual machines, unified communications, and storage. Each of these has different network service requirements and traffic patterns. All of these are housed within virtual machines that are hosted on clusters of servers. Ethernet can be utilized to construct shared storage-pools. These place heavy demands

on the network such as, deterministic latency, lossless packet delivery and high bandwidth. In totality, these changes drive the next rung in ethernet networks- the ethernet fabric.

The brocade magic

Brocade is a leader in this area via the development of latest, flatter Ethernet networks. These are designed specifically for modern virtualized data-center environments. These fabrics combine the existing familiarity of traditional Ethernet networks with data center-hardened performance and reliability characteristics of other fabric technologies like Fiber Channel. Brocade’s Ethernet fabric solutions have helped numerous organizations across various sectors, in increasing IT agility and delivering a faster ROI.

Most organizations are moving away from conventional data support solutions and gravitating towards cloud computing for very obvious reasons. It goes without saying that the need of the hour is technology, hardware and software that will support the needs of the future. With the use of ethernet fabric, organizations can transition seamlessly to flexible, cloud-optimized networks.


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