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Innovations that make our lives easier are accepted with relish, especially in relation to technological advances. It seems, though, that all the major ‘science-fiction’ advances are leagues out of our reach as a global population, flying cars and space travel and the like. There are, however, the everyday advancements and innovations that prove that the smallest things really do matter. Sir James Dyson, founder of Dyson engineering organization in the United Kingdom, has recently introduced a device that combines hand dryers using high speed air and hot/cold water outlets. This is expected to renovate the way bathrooms are organized and used- the Airblade Tap, as it is called, allows a user to wash their hands as sensors detect they move beneath the faucet, then dry them when other sensors detect their placement by drying vents.

Hands-free bathroom technology is convenient and almost necessary when public bathrooms are considered- the Airblade Tap should decrease the transmission of germs in bathroom stations. This unit is more of an addition on existing Airblade dryers than a completely new idea; though previous models of the hand dryers have been installed in over 250,000 locations around the world. The motor to the Airblade Tap is what really makes it special, utilizing an electromagnetic field to power itself when the sensors give the signal. It is balanced on springs to make sure the vibrations from the motor don’t affect the other equipment negatively, too. Hundreds of patents and grants protect this technology and keep it limited to Dyson for sale, and although this makes Dyson equipment more expensive, it also means that Dyson has no direct competition. Other companies that make hand dryers do so for much less than Dyson, but Sir James Dyson asserts that his model is so efficient, the energy costs of running the hand dryer save more money in the long run.

Even hand dryers can make a difference in cost savings for small or large businesses or really any place required to have a public bathroom. However, though Dyson is targeting businesses, it appears the vision is for home use to become popular as well. Using air to dry clean hands is better hygiene than using towels so it might actually be adopted in the future. If the price goes down, that is, not many families are willing to spend 1000 pounds on a hand dryer when other needs are so much more prevalent. Perhaps Dyson will come out with an economy-sized home model of the Airblade Tap in the future, if the current innovation proves successful. Until then, the rest of us will just have to make do with the occasional use of the Airblade Tap at our local restaurants and businesses.

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