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The official announcement has finally been made by Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA). Madden NFL25 will be Xbox One’s and PlayStation4’s launch title. Madden NFL 25. The EA SPORTS IGNITE engine powers Madden NFL25. Realistic, detailed and smart is what these next-generation sports games are all about. And for a company like Electronic Arts Inc (NASDAQ:EA) making that a reality is just another day at work.

Adrian Peterson will be the cover athlete for the Madden NFL 25 game on Xbox One and on PlayStation 4.  He is the Minnesota Vikings RB (running back), a 5-time Pro Bowler as well as the reigning, NFL MVP. Last season Adrian Peterson came just within 9-yards of shattering Eric Dickerson’s NFL single-season, rushing record.

Raising the bar

With this new launch, EA raises the bar for character likeness as well as emotion in gaming. Every single one of the licensed fighters in the game has been created from high-resolution 3D body and head scans. This is the way EA ensures that character authenticity and likeness are maintained. The new facial-animation technology powered by EA SPORTSIGNITE delivers more emotion and expression and will communicate a greater sense of intelligence and awareness in the Octagon.

Facial animation technology

Around the same time in the last generation, games were being built, but black screen with blinking cursors were what the creators has to deal with.  Almost everyone in the industry was dealing with similar challenges.

The next step

Not to be left behind, Activision Blizzard, Inc (NASDAQ:ATVI)’s R&D department has used its current graphics hardware to create and entire new generation of extremely life-like facial animation technology. The company says that it’s using the same technology that can be easily acquired at a local tech store but there is no doubt about the fact that their graphics output is absolutely top-of-the-line. The company has released online videos of a faux pas person whose facial expressions are so close to the real thing that there are points of time when you feel that you are actually viewing a real person. ATVI is only demonstrating that this is the route that computer-generated graphics might follow sometime in the future and that it is the frontrunner in the game.

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