Excess Battery Voltage was the cause of battery fire in Dreamliner

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On Sunday U.S. Security investigators ruled out the statement in which a Japanese official said that excess voltage was the cause of a battery fire that took place in Boeing 787 Dreamliner Jet some days ago. U.s. security investigators also said that they are expanding their investigation to look the charge of battery and auxiliary power unit of the Jet for making a more precise decision about the cause of that fire.

A Dreamliner 787 Jet used by Japan Airlines Co. was landed immediately after the take off due to fire a few days ago. After seeing such a security hole, governments around the world joined Japan and grounded the Dreamliner 787 Jets in their countries. In the meantime, Boeing also halted the delivery of it’s Dreamliner Jets due to the problem with lithium-ion battery of a second 787 Dreamliner Jet.

A large number of investigators and Boeing officials are working hard for finding the cause of fire that was noticed in two Dreamliner Jets recently. According to U.S. Aviation Administration, both cases are serious because in both scenarios a hardly covering fire could spark in the electrical compartment of the plane.

There is still no clear answer about the cause of fire, but Japanese Investigators have raised a possible answer for the question. If this cause turns out to be true, then it can also point problems for a battery system that has manufacturers around the globe. And if it turns out to be a design problem, then it can take longer time in fixing because it is not just removing a faulty batch of batteries. Instead it will be re-designing the batteries according to Jet’s design.

NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board, U.S.A.) said in a statement issued on Sunday that examination of the flight recorder data says that APU battery did not exceed it’s designed voltage of 32 volts. This statement comes in contrast of a statement issued by a Japanese official on Friday. In statement the official said that excessive electricity might have overheated the battery of the call Nippon Airlines owned Dreamliner that was taken on ground Takamatsu airport last week.

On Tuesday, the investigators will examine the charger used for the battery and will also download the non-volatile memory from the APU controller for further investigation. Securaplane Technologies and United Technologies who made charger and APU units of the plane, are also ready to help U.S. investigators in the investigation.

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