Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) analyzing posts through “Deep Learning”

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Maintaining an upper-hand in an internet based business, especially in a social networking site as massive as Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is no easy task. It can entail various things even including worming into the minds’ of users. The company is trying to unravel the thought processes behind the posts that its users put up. It is creating an artificial intelligence called “deep learning”.

Getting into users’ minds

Numerous company researchers are hard at work trying to figure out what is behind the thought processes of people when they post their statuses.  They are trying to delve deep into the psyche of the human mind to find out what makes them post what they are posting on the site. This has been dubbed as the “deep learning” system. The objective behind this is to analyze the status that is being put up and the find out what emotions or events trigger that comment. Another aim is to understand what lies behind the photographs that are being posted. It will help the company predict what the users might action in the future.

More relevant news

Mike Schroepfer, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s Chief technology officer said that 8 experts are hard at work on this project. They are called the Al Team. This “deep learning” project is a new venture and the company is not giving away anything in terms of details. The end goals however, are no secret and one of the key aims is to add to the news feeds that users see.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been in efforts to make the news feeds more relevant to its users. A flood of irrelevant and uninteresting newsfeed can mean loss of users for the company. Hopefully, “deep learning” from its Al team will help the company achieve what it has set out to do.

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