Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) gives photo-sharing a new face

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With competition the social networking space almost always at peak levels, it becomes critical for companies to constantly be on their toes. And so also, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is always in innovation-mode and on the lookout for new and novel means of keeping users coming back for more. The company has now rolled out a fresh feature. It is a shared photo-album feature via which multiple users of FB can add all their photos into one spot.

Mashable has noted that the album-creator has the functionality adding upto 50 different contributors. And upto 200 photos can be shared. What is even more interesting is that the creators can allow contributors to invite their friends to the group and still maintain control over every invitation that is sent out.

The feature game

Over the years, Facebook has launched numerous features, some that went onto becoming a rage while others just fizzled-out. Only the future will tell if this new photo album sharing feature will be welcomed by users and become a hit. There are a few concerns that are visible right away, the major one being that of privacy. FB has added 3 different privacy-settings- public, contributor’s friends and contributors only.

Not for all

A software engineer with Facebook Bob Baldwin and Fred Zhao are working on this project and say that this is an important feature. Bob said that this feature will pick up momentum and that it can be used at group events, reunions, parties and weddings. But FB users will have to hold onto their horses. This feature is going to be available only to a select group of users at the moment and will later be expanded to a larger English-user base. The international audience will be next in line.

Latest trading session

In Wednesday’s trading session, FB stock rose by 2.29%. The opening price of the shares was $39.96 which climbed to an intraday high of $40.85 and closed at $40.55. More than 57.92 million shares were traded on Wednesday while the average volume of shares traded over 30 days was 78.25. The company has a market cap of $98.75 billion.

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