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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) just announced that it will start rolling out clickable hashtags. Facebook users will now be able to follow conversations in the manner that other social networks do. The company says that #hashtags have now become an irreplaceable part of any online conversation. Members have used hashtags organically on Facebook which is what prompted the social media biggie to add the symbol to its design. The site now has clickable hashes. People were using hashtags on Facebook before, it’s just that now they are clickable.

Click #, view better

Till now, there had been no easy way to get a broader view of what was happening or exactly what people are commenting on and talking about. And so Facebook decided that it’s high time the conversations are brought to the fore and so a series of features will be rolled-out. These will automatically bring to the front interesting discussions that people across the world are having about people, public events and any topics. The hashtag rollout was the first step in this direction.

Linking via #

On 12 February, LinkedIn introduced the hashtag. It will help job-seekers improve their chances of zeroing-in on the ideal position in the desired  profession. Several social media websites had been using this functionality but LinkedIn came onto the scene a little late. On the face of it, the update seems simple, but is an indication that LinkedIn is more than willing to evolve. Though it has been a late, it is still ahead of Facebook on the Hashtag front.

How does LinkedIn’s hashtag function work?

On LinkedIn a person’s update that has a #hashtag, is now an active blue link. Clicking on the #hashtag, takes the user to another LinkedIn search area. From this point a user can link to or look for other content that different people are discussing about, with the same #hashtag. This helps in giving a user a bigger picture and a wider view. Growth is about change, adaptability and evolution and that is exactly what LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) and LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) are doing.

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