Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) now resorts to “bumping” news-feed

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For some time now, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been in strategy-mode. The networking giant is seeking to be the chosen newspaper in the internet-driven 21st century. It has been making numerous changes to its pages to ensure that members are able to spot hot stores that their friends send them.

There are always stories that go unnoticed and FB has been altering the way its posts feature on the users’ pages. They have been “bumping” potentially interesting stories that users might have overlooked on their previous visits to the site.

Old against new?

Lars Backstrom, from the company’s new-feed engineering team said that users find it difficult to get back to older things. To get to them, they are required to scroll-through things that they have already gone through. Now the company has introduced some new algorithms that bump-up any story that is considered to be more intriguing than any current material. Fresher material tends to get prioritized simply because it is fresh. That does not mean that the older information is outdated or un-interesting.

Tweaking the older model, pulling-in older stories that users might have missed is what the change is all about. This change was put to the test and FB said that results proved that this “bumping resulted in an increase in news-feed reading from 57% to 70%. The company said that the “bumping” tool will prove to be really nice if people are just skimming through their FB account and have run-out of things they would like to look at. The new stuff will just “bump in”.

Old wine in new bottle

FB engineers are experimenting with various new methods for their news feeds to be able to handle chronological posts in a better manner. This social networking site is probably the only space that is facing problems similar to what Google or Bing are facing but the techniques used to handle them have to be different as it has various personal aspects to it.

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