Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s hashtags a big hash

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) launched the hashtags feature with great fanfare at the beginning of June this year. Some companies did jump onto the hashtag game but it proved to be a drag. A new study conducted by a social media-analytics firm claims that it isn’t really paying off at all.

The study indicated that even though 20% of FB topmost brands’ posts now include hashtags, there is no specific indication that this has influenced their engagement in any way. Hashtags allows users to group messages that have similar content. Research has shown that posts that do not use hashtags perform as well as the ones that have hashtags do.

The long and short of it

This suggests that users are still not looking for brand posts via their tags. The study also showed that visual content is the main engagement-driver on the social network. Researchers say that as far as text posts are concerned, brands have to do a balancing act. Over 500 status updates of topmost brands were analyzed. These showed that having a status update online for a longer time reduces its engagement levels.

On the other hand if the update is below 50 characters, it may not capture the attention of the viewer at all or even provide the required context to actually drive the number of “shares”, “likes” and comments that a company wants. FB is much more than a network for most brands. It is their social marketing hub and a very effective way of keeping their fans engaged.

Other strategies

While one feature launch has not taken off the way it should, last week, the company’s mobile advertising revenue took a big leap. Analysts are expecting further growth from FB’s 15-second videos and Instagram. The latter is Facebook’s photo site which has 130m users. It seems like the right time to introduce advertising on the site. There is a distinct possibility that it will be one of Facebook’s topmost revenue drivers.

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