FBI considers Occupy movement to be a serious potential threat

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The FBI announced yesterday that they have been extensively monitoring the Occupy movement using secret resources and counter terrorism agents. The documents show that FBI agents were communicating very closely with lawmaker, businesses, colleges, and various organizations in the United States. The FBI also announced that they knew about the movement even before it was created and had an official camp in the city of New York.

During August 2011, FBI informed Wall Street that there might be a planned protest taking place towards the end of September. They also informed various businesses in New York that there might be a potential threat towards their corporations. Some of these protests did turn violent with clashes between the police in New York and protestors. However, protestors claim that the police were the ones who attacked them and that they have the right to protest about anything they want.

The FBI was worried that these protests would provide a clear outlet for exploiting businesses and stock markets. Even though the protests were somewhat not dangerous in any way, the FBI said that any dissatisfaction towards the government is worrying to them. The agency responded by taking several precautionary measures and enhancing their surveillance without informing anyone.

After the FBI announced this information, this has sparked anger among citizens in the United States where many of them have complained about the measures that the government takes in spying on them without their approval. However, the FBI has responded to these claims by explaining that they didn’t spy on any one, and only had their agents monitor the creators of this movement.

Occupy Wall Street movement didn’t only stop in the United States, but the movement also spread to other areas in the world such as Spain and Italy. The main aim of this movement is to fight against corporate fraud and corruption in their countries. The organizers of this movement believe that the main reason behind the economic instability in their countries is the banks and government. They also believe that this all a political game and that the government doesn’t want to improve the economic conditions for their own benefit.

For now, Occupy Wall Street is considered to be a serious threat to the security of the United States. No one knows if any members of the movement are going to be arrested but it is believed that there won’t be any serious claims against the organizers of the movement.

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