Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) finds “Need for Speed”, peeks into Hollywood

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Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is making an appearance on the big screen. The company and DreamWorks Studios have announced a partnership. It’s for the forthcoming car-chase movie, “Need for Speed”. Several Ford vehicles will feature on screen in a marketing program that will promote the car maker and the film.

Ford has built a car specifically for this film. It features prominently right through the reels and the carmaker says that it is slated to become a part of the mythology of the film. This unique car has numerous features such as a specially- designed wide body. It also sports 22-inch wheels and has enlarged air-intakes that feed the super-charged V8 engine of the Mustang. This film is based on the popular video game series “Need for Speed”, by Electronic Arts’.  The movie car was unveiled in Los Angeles at the E3 Expo-Electronic Arts press conference and the announcement coincides with it.

Product placement

What Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is trying an advertising effort is not a new concept at all. The practice of Hollywood funding its movies with advertising dollars is a well-accepted one. In fact, today with the big bucks that are spent on productions, it is on the verge of being a fiscal imperative for high-budget flicks. Today, roughly 68% of Hollywood films have product placements. A large percentage of these films have multiple products. On an average, every product appears on screen in one frame or the other, a minimum of eight times.

The movie difference

Though the 30 second commercial spot has its own audiences, ad agencies are more than willing to shell out big bucks to make a million impressions. The tact lies in evaluating correctly whether the product placement is in the right film and whether it has been placed in a classy and effective manner. Television shows ad placements were also very rampant at one point of time. However, they worked on a very different frame. They touted the products and literally proffered them to the viewers. Film product placements differ in that the filmmakers hope that the audience won’t really notice when it is being lambasted with ads.  But brands are not deterred and neither is Ford.

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