Ford Motors to hire 2200 white-collar employees

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Ford Corporation is going to hire 2200 white-collar staff this year in product development and other units located in United States as company is looking forward for expanding it’s vehicle lineup in the global market. The majority of jobs will be added in engineering, manufacturing and IT department of the company. Ford reported on Friday that this is company’s largest job increase in the decade.

According to Joe Hinrichs, head of North and South American operations, Ford Motors, as company expands it’s lineup of fuel efficient vehicles, it will need to increase permanent salaried positions. It is notable that Ford is right now the second biggest automaker in the U.S. but still the most workforce of company is temporarily employed.

More than that, Ford estimates that it will add around 900 jobs to it’s permanent salaried workforce employed in North America. However, these figures are preliminary and they may also change in near future.

Just like many other American companies, Ford also reduced the size of it’s workforce in the hard times of recession for saving money. So now Ford is also trying hard to increase it’s growth after recession. And they are trying to accomplish this task with a workforce that is smaller than the workforce that was available before recession. So needless to say that it is nearly impossible. 2006 was the year when company hired 38,600 salaried positions in North America. At the end of 2012, only 28,400 remained in the company out of those 38,600.

But still the white-collar workforce of the company has increased by 13.5% since 2009 in it’s biggest and most profitable market, America. In the meantime, company is also increasing it’s model count in global market and is launching new models for refreshing it’s existing lineup. In China, company is looking forward to launch 10 more models. This will increase it’s model count to 15. Company is also going to refresh it’s South American lineup by revamping 15 new model in next 5 years.

The newly hired workforce of 2,200 white-collar employees will be an addition to the current combined workforce of 8,100 part time and full time employees. For those who don’t know I want to tell that Ford and United Auto Workers Union had a deal in 2011 in which company was required to create 12,000 hourly jobs by 2015. According to Ford, company has already completed 50% pert of this commitment.

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