General Electric Company (NYSE:GE)’s big story on Big Data

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General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) not only makes machines but then wants to listen into them. The company is now deploying numerous sensors that will gather information about the ongoings on the inside of an immense steam-driven G.E. generator. Information such as vibrations, heat and pressure are being collected. At peak performance, this generator has the capacity to light 750,000 homes.

These will serve current needs, yes, but they are being designed for the next 3 decades. Engineers want to be on top of everything that is occurring inside as this will help them predict about what else can occur. The sensors that have been deployed inside the turbine will be the data-feed tools. The data will be fed in to even bigger computer system and will channel information about facts such as weather, fuel costs and power demands in a particular town as well as alternative electricity- supplies.

All the data will then be passed through computer algorithms and optimal performance for the current conditions will be deduced. Things like whether the turbine should be picking up speed depending on a heat-wave forecast, or  about what the actual maintenance costs will be, are things that can then be determined.

Whats Big Data anyways?

Simply put, “Big Data” is the catch phrase that has emerged from the IT market’s high-performance computing niche. Suppliers of storage virtualization software and processing virtualization started casually throwing-in “Big Data” in many of their presentations. But what exactly is it? It refers to the tools, procedures and processes that allow an organization to create, manipulate as well as manage massive sets of data and storage facilities. So, it’s not just terabytes and petabytes but even more massive collections of data.

The Big change

Large organizations find it a basic need today to store and manage huge amounts of unstructured as well as structured data in order to fall in line with government regulations. Many recent court cases have made companies realize the need to keep large loads of documents, Email messages or any other forms of electronic communication may suddenly be necessary in case litigation has to be faced. General Electric Company (NYSE:GE)’ story is a little different. It wants to use Big Data to bring about a big change in the world.

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