Golden Star Resources (NASDAQ:GSS)’s rise in 4th quarter profits – STSI, GV

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Northern, WI 04/03/2013 (gdpinsider) – Golden Star Resources (NASDAQ:GSS) is a USA based manufacturer and distributor of gold and other basic materials. currently trading at $1.36, down by 6.51%. The previous closing share price of Golden Star was 1.56, which is only a little lower than its 52 week high of $2.11. The company reported a market cap of 378.30M, whereas the earnings per share were -0.04. The company is able to bring its profit margin close to positive with -1.86% at the close of the market yesterday. Despite of falling share prices, the company profits for 4th quarter resources have risen, and the EPS is in line with 4Q, reported the analysts. Overall, the shares have risen by 1% as of the current trend.

Star Scientific (NASDAQ:STSI), a major drug manufacturer in the United States, Currently trading at $1.27, down by 10.56%. The earnings per share for the company were -0.24 at the close of the market, with a market cap of 236.42M. The profit margin of the company was reported to be -611.49%. Yesterday’s selling price for Star Scientific’s shares was close to its 52 week low of $1.37. Followed by several investors suffering significant loss by investing in the company’s shares, Star Scientific has been sued by its investors due to persistent fall in share prices in the stock market. With this setback, the company is far from earning profits from its shares, which are selling dirt cheap at $1.42 only as of yesterday.

Goldfield Corp (NASDAQ:GV) is a heavy construction company and manufacturer of industrial goods in the USA. Currently trading at $3.46, up by 1.47%. The company previously closed the market at $3.77. The earnings per share were 0.37, with a market cap of 86.78M. The profit margins also showed up considerably good at a rate of 13.89%. The stocks of Goldfield are among the four $5 stocks that are making big moves in the market. Furthermore, the Q4 profits of the company have also risen, with declining backlogs and unsustainable margins.

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