Google Glasses is going to get a new style

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Google held a press conference today to show reviewers and experts what it is like to look through their new futuristic glasses that can easily be connected to the internet and can display digital information as well. By wearing these glasses, consumers can get every possible type of information and have display in front of them. However, while you are enjoying this experience by wearing these glasses, the person right in front of you is going to witness some off spectacles. This is why Google has decided to improve the appearance of the new glasses by making them more stylish.
The company is supposedly teaming up with one of the most popular glasses company in the United States, Warby Maker, to enhance the appearance of the glasses. The new Google glasses are going to include a tiny camera, a camera, and a unique touch pad that consumers can use to control the glasses. Isabelle Olson, the senior designer of the Google glasses, explained that she and her team are working on glasses that are technologically advanced and wearable at the same time. The goal here is to create something that potential users will be proud that they are wearing.
Last Thursday, Google launched a contest on their websites where people were asked to inform the social media what they are planning to do if they purchased and owned these glasses. The winners of this contest are going to be among the first in the world to own the glasses. The glasses are going to retail at a price of $1,500. This is a price that Google finds very affordable especially with the features included. The price is going to be the same even after Google changes the appearance of the vehicles.
There isn’t any information of whether other features are going to be added in the future or not as it is obvious that Google is focusing on making them more wearable first. During a brief video that was released last week, Google offered several ideas on how the glasses should be used or what consumers could do from them. For example, a tourist in Japan can ask Google to instantly translate the word ‘’noodles’’ to Japanese and the translated word will be display on the glasses instantly. You can also communicate with your family and see them right in front of you by wearing the glasses, something that is extremely fascinating.

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