GOP senators pleading Obama to let go of Hagel

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Fifteen senators from the Republican Party are now urging President Obama to let go of his nomination of the new defence secretary Chuck Hagel and they also claimed that this is the worst choice to head the Pentagon. Separately, Richard Shelby who is the Republican Senator of Alabama indicated several times that he is going to support Chuck Hagel no matter what. Keep in mind that the Republican Party has previously blocked the nomination of Chuck Hagel during the voting process that took place last week.
Some of the fifteen senators that urged President Obama to let go of the vote were Senator John Cornyn Lindsey Graham, David Vitter , Mike Lee (Utah), Marco Rubio (Fla.), Ron Johnson, and James Risch. These are considered to be the most important members of the Republican Party and they are also senator of some of the most important cities such as Texas and California. On the other side, the White House and Democratic Party show no signs that they are planning to let go of Chuck Hagel and it is obvious that they are going to do everything they can to let the vote pass.
The main reason why the block was voted according to the Republican Party was that Hagel didn’t possess any management skills or considerable experience in this field. Also, the senator explained that the statements Hagel made about the nuclear situation in Iran were worrying. President Obama is obviously going to do everything to nominate Chuck Hagel especially that he explained several times how much he trusts him and how he thinks he is the best candidate for this position. The Senate is currently on recess right now to give more time to The Republican Party to review all the qualification of Chuck Hagel.
John McCain, one of people who are strongly opposing Chuck Hagel’s nomination, informed reporters that the nomination should not be continue in a way and that Hagel won’t be able to get the votes the Democratic Party are hoping for. Keep in mind that John McCain’s opinion is very influential when it comes to convincing the Republican Party of whether to vote or not. Political experts believe that President Obama should hold meetings and discussions with the Republican Party to try to convince them why they should opt for Chuck Hagel instead of other choices. The final decision is expected to be made in two weeks.

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