Gray Television, Inc (NYSE:GTN)- piggybacking Syncbak for more viewership

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In mid-May, Gray Television, Inc (NYSE:GTN) had announced that all its 41 television stations will be aired via the Internet TV platform that is owned by Syncbak. This takes the total number of stations that deploy Syncbak’s technology, close to 200.

The Syncbak Internet TV-platform uses a location-based authentication technology. This enables local TV-stations to stream their respective signal to their in-market consumers. In partnering with Syncbak, Gray is now able to replicate the local, national as well as the affiliate partnerships that it had, on mobile and internet devices. Gray had been testing the Syncbak system at four different stations for several months. After evaluating those initiatives carefully, Gray decided to launch all its television stations commercially, on the Syncbak platform.

Testing the internet waters

Gray Television, Inc (NYSE:GTN) is only one of 40 different broadcast groups who are testing Syncbak’s platform. This technology is being tested in over 150 television stations across 98 markets. It represents all the major networks such as CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, and The CW. CBS, the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Association of Broadcasters are Strategic Syncbak investors. CBS acquired a stake in the company just last month. It expects to work very closely with the affiliated and owned television stations, rights holders, advertisers, satellite, cable and telco partners. Alongside this launch, Syncbak will continue offering its platform to various other broadcast networks as well as their station groups.

Online is the place to be…

Today, the online audience has not reached the proportions that the TV audience has. However, it’s undoubtedly growing at a fast pace and it definitely represents a big opportunity for media companies. Its no surprise then that companies with muscle such as CBS as well as smaller ones such as Gray Television, Inc (NYSE:GTN) will continue working with companies such as Syncbak, to stream their services. This might eventually help in heading-off the kind of challenges that Aereo Inc has posed. It has been capturing broadcasters’ over-the-air signals and re-transmitting them to various subscribers on smartphones and tablets. As the online war gains momentum, every company will have to hone its strategy to suit the changing and challenging marketplace.

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