Has Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Lost Its Originality?

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Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is on an aggressive campaign to make its content all the more relevant to its users. Of late it has blatantly and openly copied many small features from Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) and other popular social media. The very well known hash-tags that are used by the micro-blogging giant have also been integrated into the Facebook. This was introduced some time ago and users of Facebook are already accustomed to it.

Facebook copies Twitter’s trending topics

The latest change that Facebook Inc has made to its constantly changing picture is the addition of trending topics in the user news feed. This means that the same model for the trending topics that was used with Twitter Inc will be used by Facebook as well. This was announced by Facebook, and within days of this announcement more than a billion users have already started seeing this on their Facebook news feed on the right hand side.

According to sources, the feature has been unveiled in the U.S., U.K., Canada, India and Australia. The company also said that the feature was still being worked upon for the mobile and the smartphone platforms and was currently unavailable for mobile users. The development of this feature has been on since August 2013.

Is Facebook losing its popularity?

Facebook is going strong with its user base constantly increasing and profits also slowly on the rise. However not all is pretty for this social media behemoth as people have been ditching Facebook for other social media platforms. The erosion is evident in the teen age groups of 15-18 years as estimates indicate that the user base in the age group has diminished by at least 25% since 2011.

Facebook has embraced change as one of its USP and it may work well for the company in the end. They have tried on several different versions and have killed some ideas too.

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