Higher Supply Of Jetliner Helps The Boeing Company. (NYSE:BA)

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The Boeing Company. (NYSE:BA) released their Q4 earnings that beat estimates made by most analysts, this was mainly because of an increase in the demand for jetliners in the current year. However, the company chose to release a tempered outlook for the year 2014. Despite the fact that this year is expected to be a record year for the production of commercial aircraft, and Boeing is one of the major players in this particular niche.

A roundup of income from Q4

The net income for the fourth quarter of 2012 was round $1.23 billion which gives earnings per share of around $1.61. When compared to the fourth quarter from last year, where the net income was around $987 million and the earnings per share stood at $1.28 per share. The Chicago based company announced the results riding a high wave towards the end of the year. The results for the latest quarter also include a charge of $0.34 per share which was tied to a litigation settlement of the A-12 which was partly balanced by the gain from a tax regulation change of around 0.28 USD per share.

The total revenue for Boeing Co also rose up from $22.30 billion to $23.79 billion in Q4 and this beat what most analysts had predicted at around $22.74 billion, the jump in revenue was around 7%. The higher revenue is a direct indicator that more commercial aircraft was delivered from the company. Operating margins also came down from 7.3% to 6.4% a dip by almost 1%.

Excluding the special items, quarterly earnings at the core stood at $1.88 per share. This was also an increase from the same quarter in 2012 where the earnings stood at $1.46 a share. Analysts had predicted that the company would report Q4 earnings per share to be around the $1.57 mark but this can be regarded as a conservative and exclusive estimate as it typically excludes some items.

Excluded of special items, quarterly core earnings stood at $1.88 a share, from $1.46 a share in the same period in the previous year. Analysts predicted the company to report quarterly per-share earnings of $1.57. Estimates by analysts typically exclude some items.

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