Honda recalls 748,000 Pilots, Odysseys for airbag risk

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American Honda announced today that they are planning to withdraw 748,000 of their pilot SUVS due to airbags that turned out to be improperly assembled. The automobile company also announced that they are planning to withdraw their other model Odyssey minivan from the market as well.

Honda explained that there is a possibility that the bags on the driver side weren’t attached well during the manufacturing process due to missing rivets. This will result in the airbags not deploying if a crash accident takes place. The automobile company also announced that they might withdraw their 2009 and 2011 models as well for check-ups.

These vehicles are going to be fully inspected and the bags are also going to be replaced if it was found that they are defective and don’t protect the driver as expected. So far, check-ups have shown that some of the airbags are not connected with rivets. Other cars didn’t even have the rivets place and this will increase the risk of getting harmed. So far, there haven’t been any injuries reported because of this serious issue.

Honda also explained to owners of these car models that they won’t have to pay for any of these check-ups and if their car ended up being one of the vehicles with a problem, the company will fix it completely for free. Honda also informed owners that they can witness all the repairs by calling them or contacting them on their website. This was a move from the company to also show their customers how much they care about them and their well-being.

Honda withdrawing their defected vehicles from the market will definitely save them a lot of hassle and money. Other automobile makes such as Toyota ended up paying millions to settle lawsuits resulted in their defected vehicles. Representatives for Toyota refused to withdraw their defected cars from the market and this resulted in various injuries and even deaths. This also decreased Toyota’s popularity in the market especially that this case attracted major media attention.

Honda explained that this company will be completely resolved by the end of next months and that car owners will have their cars as soon as possible. They also explained that a check-up will be done on all their other models to ensure that not even one car is missing a rivet. Honda and Toyota aren’t the only companies with problems in their manufacturing process, but other automobile makers such as Chevrolet are planning to do this within the next months as well.

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