How Rising Prices Of Dram Effecting Micron Technology, Inc (NASDAQ:MU)?

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Micron Technology, Inc (NASDAQ:MU) is a dominant player in the memory products space. It is now betting upon enhancing the dynamics of the memory market. The increase in the cost of memory chips has proved to be a tailwind for it. Micron Technology, Inc (NASDAQ:MU) made an important buy in the ever-increasing mobile memory sector. This was one area where it had a low presence earlier.

The expectation is that this acquisition will position the company as a front-running player in the mobile-memory chips market. With this Micron Technology, Inc (NASDAQ:MU) can bring down the adverse impact that is resulting from the cyclical-fluctuation of the industry.

DRAM prices on the rise

Micron Technology, Inc (NASDAQ:MU) is the 3rd largest supplier in the industry and has been making hay while the sun shines on recent developments that have created healthy prospects in the memory-chip market, primarily DRAM. This type of RAM is necessary for running programs in mobiles, PCs and other devices. Currently, the DRAM market is witnessing a major rise in prices because of growth in demand from non-PC devices like tablets and smartphones. Market prices of memory-chips play a critical role in deciding the future action plan for mobilizing Micron Technology, Inc (NASDAQ:MU)’s resources.

Friday’s trading

Micron Technology, Inc (NASDAQ:MU) is a global-manufacturer & marketer of semi-conductor devices, mainly NAND-Flash, DRAM & NOR Flash memory. In Friday’s trading, Micron Technology, Inc (NASDAQ:MU) dropped by 0.68%. The opening price of the shares was $17.17, which climbed to an intraday high of $17.25 and dipped to a close of $17.03. Approximately 34.97 million shares were traded on Friday while an average volume of 51.75 million shares were traded over a 30 day period. The 52-week low of Micron Technology, Inc (NASDAQ:MU) shares is $5.16 and its 52-week high is $18.85. The company has a market capitalization of $17.62 billion.

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