Is Netflix, Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) Future of TV?

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Full HD is a term that many are aware about when it comes to buying TV’s with a high resolution. But evolution in innovation and technology is bound to take place and what is considered to be the best now will only be “good” in the future. And so it is with TV’s and their resolution. The next best thing to happen in this space is 4K TV’s. In simple words these have a horizontal resolution in comparison to the Full HD TV’s that have a vertical one. This makes them a better product.

Lower priced TV’s

These televisions are now available in the U.S at a price below $1,000. Now that they have moved below that price barrier, companies like Samsung and Sony will finally see these products becoming more popularly used. Though this is a plus for TV makers, It just adds to the woes of companies like Netflix, Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) that provide streaming services. It is a major challenge for them to meet the required resolution specifications on these new TV’s.

The technology dilemma

Reed Hastings, the Netflix, Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) Chief Executive officer recently spoke at a TV Conference in Copenhagen and voiced his concerns over the 4K TV requirements and how these will pose to be a challenge for them. At the moment, the highest streaming-resolution that is offered by the company is Super HD. Customers require internet connectivity that offers speeds of 6-12 Mbps in order to ensure uninterrupted streaming.

The connectivity factor

Very select IP’s offer this speed in the U.S. Ultra HD will require even more bandwidth and will prove to be a further challenge. It goes without saying that on the face of it, 4K resolution is incredibly amazing. However, in the present scenario, it’s not so much about whether people can afford a 50 Mbps internet connection. It’s more about whether that connectivity in available in the locality.

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