Is Sodastream International Ltd (NASDAQ:SODA)’s EcoStream Really Ethical?

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At the point of time Sodastream International Ltd (NASDAQ:SODA) was looking for a place to open up the first EcoStream store in the U.K, Brighton seemed like a perfect place. EcoStream dispenses drink, food as well as cleaning products that have been sourced ethically. These products are provided to customers in bottles and jars that they bring themselves. Brighton is well-known as a city that is all for ethical consumption on in many fronts. This was the place that elected the 1st and only Green MP in Britain.

What probably did not strike the company at that point of time is that a large number of people in Brighton are aware that Sodastream International Ltd (NASDAQ:SODA) is headquartered in Israel. The company’s factory stands at Mishor Adumim on illegally-occupied West Bank land. As a result of this, for over a year now, on every Saturday afternoon, an ethical consuming protest is held against the ethical consuming shop. The latest occurrence to top the situation that already exists is that pro-Israel activists such as Chelsea Fox and Julie Burchill protest against these protestors there.

Thursday’s trading session

In Thursday’s trading, Sodastream International Ltd (NASDAQ:SODA) rose by 0.54%. The shares opened at a price of $65.00, climbed to an intraday high of $65.95 and dipped to a close of $65.04. Approximately 1.32 million shares were traded on Thursday while an average volume of 0.765 million shares were traded over a 30 day period. The 52-week low of the company’s shares is $33.15 and its 52-week high is $77.80. The company has a market capitalization of $1.34 billion.

About the company

Sodastream International Ltd (NASDAQ:SODA) was previously Soda-Club Holdings Ltd. With its subsidiaries, the company is involved in the development, manufacture and marketing of home beverage carbonation-systems and their related products. Soda-Club International BV manages its operational activities.

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