Israel’s Censorship Makes Enemies

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Foreign policy is a complex matter, especially when hostilities arise between countries or the different governments are too far apart in ideology to cooperate. Crossing nations, warlike or secretive government activity by one country can seem suspicious to another country that might be affected negatively by the secretive or hostile policy or action. Sometimes, it’s even a matter of life and death. ‘Prisoner X,’ an Australian born Israelite by the given name of Ben Zygier, died in captivity by the Israel government for ‘unspecified crimes.’ It is reported as suicide, and the guards on duty tried to revive Mr. Zygier after his body was removed from his self-made noose.

International hostilities have arisen from the incident, however, especially because the Israeli government insinuated that Mr. Zygier was working for them as some sort of agent. The media in Israel was denied access to the case and a gag order was issued- with a gag order on the gag order to implicate the seriousness of the censorship. While the media did not manage to get much information, Australian authorities were distressed by the incident, and the lack of participation on the part of Israeli government. Numerous Israeli diplomats have been since deported for passport fraud issues; some of the same incongruencies Mr. Zygier’s own record shows. As information becomes more easily accessible, the Israelites’ handling of the situation become more erroneous- the secretive government action cannot be kept a complete secret due to an increasingly global involvement in such issues.

The gag order put upon the Israeli media was lifted on Wednesday, making the country’s citizens outraged at the censorship their government displayed. It appears that Mr. Zygier was held in a super-high security prison, in the same cell designed specifically for the convicted assassin of an Israeli Prime Minister in 1995. As the Australian government only recently became aware of the issue- being only released in detail at the current time, the Israeli government should expect some kind of pressure from the country for an explanation of this secretive, hushed death. Mr. Zygier was an Australian citizen before he moved to Israel, and this makes his death in detention by Israel a bit of an issue.

It appears that foreign policy mishaps between countries who are loose allies, or at least not hostile to one another, can create unnecessary or tragic divisions. Israel’s censorship of the ‘sensitive’ information regarding the circumstances of Mr. Zygier’s death seems to extenuate a circumstance that could have been handled more efficiently. The complexities of forign policy analysis and actual implementation of said policy can drastically affect international relations, as Israel alienates a potential ally through mismanagement. Hopefully future action will be more conducive to international alliances for Israel.

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