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LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD), the professional-networking platform has been on a roll since its IPO was launched.  At $45/share, LNKD stock has shot-off and with no brake pedal in sight. The company operates on a market opportunity of over 600M professionals within a global workforce of 3.3B. There really is no reason why the company should even consider a brake pedal at all.

The job way to go

There was a time when every teen had to be on Facebook. But that is now more of a “was” concept rather than an “is” fact. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s “with it” factor has definitely taken a hit as students are now focusing more on future careers and feel that LinkedIn is a better platform in terms of professional and job exposure. What it boils down to is that what the current, more-aware generation is seeing and seeking in LinkedIn is the potential of career and monetary growth.

On the contrary, the soon-will-be job seekers have realized that their conduct on

Facebook has the potential to affect their paycheck negatively and that’s exactly why they are backing-off.  Development of a professional identity is now being given precedence over “following” someone or updating a status or posting inconsequential information on a “wall”. Social media and its real potential will work for you the way you want it to, provided you go about it in the right manner

The changing face of recruitment

It wasn’t so far back in the past that recruitment was a lot about ticking-off the list of candidates in your organizer and making one call after the other or posting an ad in the classifieds section of newspapers. Then along traipsed the job boards with hundreds, thousands and subsequently millions of pages that are dedicated only to job posting.

The next entrant

Things had to change, they did and how! Social media entered the scene with all its glitz and glamour of user-generated content right from email, IM, blogs and Facebook to LinkedIn, to photo sharing, file sharing and recruitment technology systems as well. Social media affected every area of our lives and there was no way that recruiting would go untouched. Today, LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) links in professionals from every industry and has changed the recruitment game forever.

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