Marvell Technology Group Ltd (NASDAQ:MRVL) patent infringement case tangle not unraveled

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In 2009 March, Carnegie Mellon had sued Marvell Technology Group Ltd (NASDAQ:MRVL) over patents that had been issued in the year 2001 and 2002. These were related to the accuracy at which hard-disc drive circuits could read data from high speed magnetic-discs. The University had been awarded $1.17B in damages by a jury. MRVL had put forth a request in court to declare a mistrial in this patent infringement case, but on Friday; a Federal Judge declined the request.

Patent infringement

The university said that a minimum of 9 MRVL circuit-devices had incorporated the patents. Due to this infringement, the Bermuda-based Marvell could sell literally billions of these chips without any permission. This damages award came in 2012 December and is one of the United States’ largest one by a jury in any infringement case. Just a few months prior to this, Apple had been awarded $1.05 billion in an infringement case against Samsung.

In addition to other post-trial requests, MRVL requested the Federal Judge to declare a mistrial. The argument that it put forth was that The Carnegie Mellon lawyer had made misleading, improper and prejudiced comments in the course of the closing arguments and that this had resulted in “inflaming” the jury. However, Judge Nora Barry Fischer of the U.S District Court in Pittsburgh disagreed with MRVL.

A matter of prejudice?

On Friday, in a 31-page Opinion, Fischer wrote that MRVL is throwing old as well as newer grievances at the court under the pretext of a prejudice and that it is trying to do what they could not achieve at the trial.

A company spokesperson said that MRVL will be appealing this decision to the United States Federal Circuit Court of Appeals which is located in Washington. Marvell has also put in a request that the damages be reduced but the judge has not ruled on that request yet.

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