MeetMe Inc (NYSEMKT:MEET) Responds To Charges Of Security Loopholes

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The $92 million market capped social media technology company MeetMe Inc (NYSEMKT:MEET) has had to fend of allegations latterly which allege that its social media platforms have security loopholes which enable online stalkers and paedophiles to target unsuspecting teenagers and young adults using its platform.

Case Registered In San Francisco Supreme Court

The allegations assumed serious proportions when the San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera took MeetMe Inc (NYSEMKT:MEET) to court by filing charges against it at the Superior Court on 3rd February. The law suit alleges that underage children and teenager’s personal information and their geographic locations are easily accessible to everyone on the internet, even though they have not been provided specific access to this information by concerned users. The suit goes on to allege that the inadequate privacy protection features render children in the age group of 12 to 17 extremely vulnerable to experienced paedophiles, sexual predators, stalkers and unscrupulous companies who are out to target such users.

MeetMe Responds

MeetMe Inc (NYSEMKT:MEET) chief executive officer Geoff Cook came out with a defensive statement indicating that  he deeply cares about the safety of all the users of MeetMe’s irrespective of their age. In a official press note, following the law suit filing, MeetMe Inc (NYSEMKT:MEET) explained that “We review hundreds of thousands of photos posted to our services every day, and we compare the information provided by our users to a sex-offender registry. We employ a 24-7 team that responds to reports from our users and work closely with law enforcement when appropriate to assist in their investigations,”

Growing Concerns

As supporting evidence to file the case, the attorney has furnished news reports of several instances where men who were being tracked by agencies for their suspected “activities of soliciting sex with underage teenagers had meet their victims through MeetMe.” This had promoted the law official to comment that this social media tool had become a tool of choice that predators used to target and attract under age victims.

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