Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) – breaking through the cloud

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is climbing the cloud computing rung to growth. The company has been putting forth its market thrust strategy in cloud computing to its investors and support seems to be forthcoming from that avenue. In its recent Q3 earnings call, the company revealed some impressive figures. It announced that Office 365 is on a year run rate of $1 billion. Just over a month ago, on 29 April MSFT announced that its Azure business (which included associated software that was provided to its partners), to create other Windows-related cloud services had topped the $1 billion mark too.

The cloud encompasses all

At least in the more within-sight future, it is expected that cloud computing will maintain its allure. What is also expected is that in 2013, the public cloud sector will experience a major boost. Very recently, 200 IT professionals were surveyed by CloudPassage. It was found that 80% of the participants in the survey used public cloud computing for a minimum of one function. An increase in big data is possibly one of the reasons why public cloud computing is being adopted. At least 70% more organizations plan on implementing big data/temporary workload environments by the end of 2013, in comparison to last year.

What is Public Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is of a few different kinds. Each one of them has specific practical uses and benefits. The main cloud computing types are private, public and hybrid. A private cloud can be created by a either a company or an individual for their private use. On the other hand, a public cloud offers open access and use and is generally created by any third-company. The third kind, the Hybrid cloud is created as well as used by private companies, individuals and third-party creators.

How is Public Cloud Computing useful?

A public cloud is an excellent option for a group, company or an individual. It is a practical solution for a group or company to access a vast amount of shared information without actually using any servers or hardware and it is easily scalable. It is a definite cost and time-saver. It’s no wonder then that even big players such as

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) are eyeing the cloud computing space.


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